ABRI 2020

FONDATION L'ABRI – saison 2020 Each year, the Fondation l'abri shelters a new season of artists and gives them the tools and the space to create new and exciting projects. For this season, I was tasked to put these artists in the spotlight and create a print and digital identity. Working in the middle of… Read More

Personal illustrations

Personal illustrations As far as I can remember, I have always been drawing, covering my notebooks with sketches, inking pages after pages; with a pen, a pencil, a tablet, a spray, my fingers, with colors, without colors, big, small, detailed, rough, soft, girly, gory, aetheral or brutal. I try to always explore new possibilities in… Read More


DSTRCT x CARIBANA x FAINEK The association called DSTRICT aims to tell local stories through the craftmanship and talent of local artists and these collaborations come to life through the making of beautiful and inspiring bombers jacket. I was very lucky to be picked to narrate the story of the creation of the Caribana, a… Read More

Les ruchers de la forêt

Les ruchers de la forêt Creation of an identity for a small floral honey maker. Date of creation May 2018 Techniques Adobe photoshop / Traditional illustration Read More

Kao Thai

Kao Thai Creation of an identity for a thai restaurant. Date of creation May 2018 Techniques Adobe photoshop / Traditional illustration Read More

Xmas Market

Xmas Market / Marché de noël des créatifs Willing to find a space to share our creations and sell them, my friend Elisa Siro elisasiro.ch and I decided to create a christmas market, the Marché de Noël des Créatifs. We reunited our friends and local creators and were lucky enough to have a beautiful and… Read More

OSR – 100

OSR – PREM1ER SIÈCLE While being a student at the écal, we were offered to produce some posters for the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, and the ones I created were selected to become the new visual for the Orchestra's first century anniversary. I was then hired to develop the project and to the design… Read More


Babyplanner While listening carefully to your every wish, Baby Planner is there to guide and enable you to get ready for the arrival of your baby in the most efficient and stress-free way.They offer a whole range of services to make things easier for you at this extremely busy time. They can help you with… Read More

Exposition des anciens

Exposition des anciens I got my Gymnasial Matura at the Gymnase de Nyon and by the time of their 30th birthday, I was given the opportunity do design the visual communication for the event's art exposititon. The show was created to present the work of ex art students, as was I. I was also given… Read More


Foulek Foulek is a short movie realised by Patrick Muroni in 2017. I had the pleasure to realize the poster and flyers for this project. If you are interested in learning more about this movie, you can visit patrickmuroni.com Date of creation July 2017 Techniques Adobe photoshop / Adobe InDesign Read More